Are you a traveler who loves to visit wineries or vineyards? Do you take tours to majestic wineries around the world or even in your locale? Or, are you a traveler who is adventurous enough to try out various activities while on vacation including wine-tasting and vineyard excursions?

If you answered yes in the questions above or at least did in most of them then you need to check is an interactive travel map which gives you information about the wineries, vineyards, wine bars and wine-related events around the world. It also has an app for your mobile which will pick up the nearest wineries, vineyards or other wine-related stuff and you can post reviews about them right on your fingertip. is a fledgling company run Ryan Ornelas, a stay-at-home dad and this “San Francisco startup” company will welcome any Angel investors to help him propel the business a notch higher. If you are an investor and wish to offer assistance, please feel free to contact the website owner here:

It is still in its beta stage so be one of the early birds to try and check out what has to offer. Sign up for the newsletter here and get fresh information straight from the

My husband will surely be one of the firsts to try out the phone app and features of the interactive site. This will definitely be a plus factor in my husband’s iPad and iPhone when we venture out on our next family trip abroad.

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  1. I would like to visit a vineyard once in this lifetime. For wine lovers out there, the phone app would be a great help for them in locating and traveling to the vineyards.

  2. I have never traveled to a winery before, I am not big on wine. There are a few though that I like. They are more sparkling lol like boones farm. That is a cool site, I have a friend who loves wine, my mom too!

  3. this is nice app, i am sure wine lovers out there will benefit from this app if they only knew how! thanks for sharing. 🙂

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