Las Vegas is a gambler’s heaven and it is certainly a prime vacation spot for anybody who wants to hit the tables—but what if you want more from your holiday? Hidden by the bright glare of the casinos’ neon lights, there are plenty of activities to take up in Vegas away from the slot machines; it’s perfect for anyone under 21 or who simply needs a break from the blackjack table.
1.  The Freemont Street Experience
The Fremont Street Experience is no longer the hidden gem it once was, as more and more people hear about this great night out away from the strip. While a little far from the main hotels, Fremont Street brings all the glitz and glamor of old-style Vegas to life—perfect for anyone who loves the 50s or simply has an interest in the local area. Drink in hand, you can wonder up this canopy-covered street while watching a free concert, taking in a light-and-sound show, and feasting your eyes on all there is to see in vintage Vegas.
2.  Play Pinball In Style
Pinball is an addictive game that can keep you busy for hours, so why not visit the largest collection of vintage pinball machines on earth? The Pinball Hall of Fame is perhaps the most extensive pinball museum in the world, and makes a fun visit for children, old-timers and even the most casual of gamers.
3.  Face Your Fears at the Stratosphere
Most people don’t associate Vegas with roller-coasters and thrill rides, but there are plenty of options for thrill-seekers who want to go to extremes away from the roulette tables. Free fall 108 floors with SkyJump, tumble above the city on the Insanity, or go completely over the edge (literally) on the X-Scream. It will be more than enough to get your adrenaline pumping.
4.  Day Trip Out to the Canyons
Whether you choose to stay in Nevada or journey out all the way to the Grand Canyon, there is plenty to see and do for nature lovers out in the western wild. There are plenty of opportunities for nature hikes, lake visits and peering over into vast abysses, and all usually for a reasonable price. Get out of the city and into the open air, and see all  the nature that Nevada and even her neighbouring states have to offer.
5.  Checkout the Wildlife
While there is plenty of local wildlife to inspect, you will probably be surprised at the amount of unusual animals you can find at the big hotels. The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage are a sight to see, and if you miss the big cats from the MGM Grand, then you can journey out to Henderson to see them at their new home at the Lion Habit Ranch. If Flamingos are more your thing, then why not go to the Flamingo Hotel—they keep a bunch of their namesakes out in their Wildlife Habitat.
6.  Relax at a Spa
One of the less obvious benefits of Las Vegas being a veritable cornucopia of hotels is that most of these hotels also contain reasonably priced spas. If the desert heat is getting to you and you need a break from the fast-paced strip, then why not splash out on a spa day. Not only is being pampered a lot of fun, but also it will set you up right for the rest of your holiday.
7.  People-watch along the strip
Sometimes simple pleasures are the best pleasures, so why not put on a pair of comfy shoes and stroll down the strip. Grab some street food, people-watch and perhaps pop into a hotel or two for an entire day’s worth of sights to see. Vegas is filled with sights from around the world, and its hotels are almost like amusement parks in their size and scope. Just having a wonder about is plenty fun, so why not get out there and start looking?
This is a guest post by Jo Tumble, a freelance blogger and travel consultant. Currently writing on behalf of, she gives travel tips and advice to readers on various travel blogs.