The next installment of snaps. These pictures were taken at the Nymphenburg Palace.

Nymphenburg Palace is located in Munich, approximately 10 to 20 minutes from the Marienplatz by bus. It was used as the summer residence of the royalties. In 1664, the construction commenced and over the next hundred and fifty years, several buildings were also added making this palace a sight to behold.

This is the street leading to the palace. In front of this is the long canal which freezes during winter time and is used as skating rinks.

Side profile of the palace
The queen! Oppps, the swan just licked its butt! Ewww….
Behind the palace, on our way to the gardens
The sprawling gardens
The Royal Family!

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  1. what a beautiful place. agaw eksena ang duck, hahaha. i can't imagine how much work they put into that through the years.

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