The news about Japan’s move to relax application of some Asian nationalities who wish to visit their country for tourism is well accepted by everyone. I am one of those who are very ecstatic about the news because my family and I have been planning a vacation in Japan for some time. For some reason, it gets getting delayed or shelved temporarily due to the tight visa application process. So, effective July 1, 2013, the ruling for some Asian nationalities like the Philippines, Malaysians, Thais and Indonesians can apply for multiple entry visa. While citizens of Thailand and Malaysia can now visit Japan to a maximum of 15 days without having to apply for a visa but the visa may not be extended. Meanwhile, Filipinos and Vietnamese citizens can now apply for a multiple-entry visa valid for 3 years which was normally granted to few privileged countries.

Japan’s move to entice travelers to visit the country is really a brilliant one as more and more Asean nationals are enjoying the perks of traveling. There is a significant boom on the travel industry in the Asean region and Japan will benefit from this.

My family and I are already considering a trip in the offing this May 2014, just in time for my daughter’s move to college. It is her request to travel to Japan before she goes back home in the Philippines and I am willing to give her that gift so I can also fulfill my bucket list.

There are plenty of beautiful places to see in the Land of the Rising Sun. My daughter and I have been brushing up with our conversational and reading skills in Nihongo so our immersion trip with the culture will be very appreciated. Not only that, we will time the vacation during the Sakura festival because my daughter and I love Cherry Blossoms so much. I have seen them bloom in New York but my daughter has yet to see them up close. And what better way to view those magnificent flowers is to visit where they originated! Another attraction my daughter will not let pass is the chance to visit the Studio Ghibli. For those who are new to anime, Studio Ghibli is the famous animators behind the films’ Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Totoro and so many more which were dubbed by famous Hollywood actors and actresses. Thinking of all the things and places we will see in Japan is already making me excited!

I have been researching the internet with specific keywords like places to visit japan or japan’s tourism or things to see and do in japan to yield results that will help me plan the whole trip and squeeze in everything we can in less than 15 days. I know that with the new rule for visa application for our nationalities, I can always come back and see more of what Japan has to offer.

Nihonde wa, koko de wareware wa kite! 日本では、ここで我々は来て! See you soon!

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  1. Yep, I wish I could have visited Japan when we were still living in Korea, lapit lang kasi yun dun but unfortunately, we didn't get to do that.

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