I have long dreamt of taking a Cebu tour or two so that I can see all of the hidden beauties within the area. I had been to Cebu three years ago and I loved the time that I got to spend there, but I did not get to see all of the things that I knew were scattered around the island. I have begun planning my second trip and will be going on the options to tour Cebu that I have read about.
The one tour that I know that I have to go on is the bike tour. I really enjoy getting out into the open air on a bike and I think that getting to explore the off grid areas of the island will be awesome as an itinerary in a Cebu tour. I have to try to decide how long of a tour I want to take. They are offered in short trips that will only take a day, but they also offer multiple day trips lasting as long as thirteen days. I know that I will not go as long as thirteen days, but more than one might be nice.
I would also like to go on a city tour.I did not get to see much of the city when I was there last. I had a hotel that was right on the beach and I spent much of my time soaking up the sun and enjoying the sandy beach that was just footsteps from my room. I have read about some of the attractions that are to be enjoyed within the city and would love to explore many of them. The place that I would like to see most in the city is Taoist Temple and other must have and must experience Cebu tour. I look forward to shopping the different stores and collecting many souvenirs from the shops.
Once I have had my taste of the city, a countryside tour sounds perfect. Spending a day viewing stone churches, town plazas and bell towers as well as the other architecture built during the Spanish era would be quite memorable. I can already picture myself wondering though the area with my camera capturing images that many people only dream of seeing in person.
Lastly, I must go on the waterfall adventure. I look forward to making my way through the mountains, climbing my way up big hills to catch a glimpse of the Kawasan Falls so that I can feel the water spritzing my face as I stand in awe at one of Mother Natures most beautiful creations. I would love to enjoy a nice picnic lunch just before taking a swim in the cool, crystal blue waters below the falls.
Very few things in this world are as beautiful to me as the wonders that this world has to offer me. I have read that many of the beautiful things that I want to see are within the different Cebu tour that I am considering. I will make memories that will be held dear to me for as long as I live and breathe.

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