Thousands of holidaymakers flock to Turkey year after a year to grab their own morsel of sunshine. With plenty of cheap holidays in Bodrum, it’s no wonder that this port city is a popular haven for visitors from all over the world. While there are plenty of excellent accommodation options available from Thomas Cook, try and peel yourself away from the poolside and the fabulous beaches and enjoy your surroundings during your stay. With so many attractions, it’s not just about the sun, sea and sand in Bodrum.  

Built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15thcentury, Bodrum Caste (or the Castle of St. Peter as it is also known) is a prime attraction in the resort of Bodrum and an excellent way to spend a couple of hours if you want a break from the beach. Overlooking the harbour, this majestic castle is open to the public and its grounds also include the Museum of Underwater Archaeology for your perusal.
An excellent example of late Crusader architecture, the castle has stood strong throughout the years. Originally a stronghold to help protect the Knights Hospitaller from the Selcuk Turks, the castle now stands as a monument of historic architecture that can be seen for miles around.

The castle itself is open to the public today and while this alone is enough to satisfy its visitors, the museum provides even more gratification. The Bodrum Museum, or the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, isn’t just a bunch of relics but provides an enriching experience for all who make the effort to visit.

Exhibits take you through the lives of ancient mariners and include the oldest ever excavated shipwreck exhibition as well as antiquities and a coin and jewellery hall.

It’s easy to head for the beach every day and relax for the duration of your holiday but when there’s so much to see, it’d be rude not to sample anything but the Mediterranean. Take a look at the excellent value summer holidays from Thomas Cook and look forward to exploring more of what Bodrum has to offer.