This is the life of an airline staff. My husband and I enjoy the perks of traveling. The recent trip to New York is still hot from the oven and here we are, talking about and planning the next one in September.

The destination – China! We have been to Hong Kong but it is different when you are in the mainland. We will be securing our visas a month before we leave. We won’t be touring much of China, just Beijing to be specific.

Our travel package has been paid and all set. We will have to secure my daughter’s vacation leave from school too. That will be a bit tricky as she’s new in her school next school term so we’re not sure how easy it is to get the school’s permission on this. Anyway, it’s still months from now but we’re excited.

We have a fixed itinerary as outlined by the travel agency. We’ll be touring the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China and some other places I cannot remember. I just hope, the weather will be okay.

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  1. Thanks sis 🙂 Medyo nagiisip kami if we will postpone kasi may bird's flu na naman eh. We'll probably discuss this kapag malapit na and when the news of the avian flu is still evident in the area. Otherwise, ibang plan na lng.

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