Okay. I’m not yet in panic mode right now but soon I will if this snowy weather disturbance in the East Coast in the US does not clear.

My family and I will be travelling to New York this end of March for our annual Spring Break vacation. My daughter is very excited to be there during spring as she missed last year’s vacation. She hasn’t seen the Cherry Blossoms in bloom yet so we are all hoping the weather gets better very soon or else it will be one very cold (and snowy?!?) spring vacation for all of us. It will be cold as well in Niagara if the snow storm does not stop next week. I’m not keen on packing heavy winter clothing.

I don’t mind seeing real snow. In fact, my daughter and I are excited to see it but not in that kind of stormy scene. I am still reliving the memories of Hurricane Sandy the last time we were there. So this time, we are hoping and praying for a nice and beautiful weather to enjoy spring.

So please winter storm, clear up now and bring forth the beauty of Spring!