Not me but my hubby. He got in the flight to Manila, arriving around 6:30 a.m. the next day, Manila time direct from Dubai.

I have 1 million and 1 things to remember and do now to ensure that as soon as he gets back to Dubai with my mom-in-law in transit going to JFK, our stuff are all ready, tickets and other travel documents all in place and ready to haul our luggages to meet them in the airport.

The flights are not looking good now going to New York. Everybody wants to travel using the A380, the super jumbo Airbus aircraft. And considering that we are staff, our tickets are least priority. So we will be taking our chances. I hope we all get in in the same flight so we don’t have to split the party. I’m not comfortable traveling alone.

Anyway, my hubby will have time to relax for few days while in Manila before he and his mom travels back to Dubai. I just hope my mom-in-law is physically ready (at her age of 77) to endure the more than a day of flight travel crossing several time zones. I know this could whack her out of sorts but that’s the whole point of traveling long distance routes. We can’t help crossing time zones. We all just have to prep and psych ourselves.