It is supposed to be spring but the weather does not feel like it. We arrived here yesterday and I swear, I don’t think it is 11 degrees Celsius. I feel it is lower than that. Today is 11 degrees C but like yesterday, it felt colder and definitely not 11. But night time was so cold at 3 degrees C! No wonder my nose bled and my sinusitis is acting up again.

Last year, the weather was inviting; still cold but manageable. This time it’s so cold that I think my normal winter clothing will not hold up. I wonder how it will be like when it’s actually winter!

However, despite of the very cold weather, we are still looking forward to see the beautiful flowers in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I hope the Cherry Blossoms are already in bloom and some of the spring flowers too. Otherwise, I won’t be as happy as I would if I don’t see the Cherry Blossoms.