They say, Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. My family will agree with me in saying that because we have been to Disneyland twice –  one in Hong Kong and the other one was in Paris last August 2006.

We had more fun in Paris than in Hong Kong because the latter recently opened last 2005 when we went. Disneyland Paris is bigger and has more attractions than in Hong Kong.

Disneyland Paris consists of 2 parks:  Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Let me break them down for you in terms of attractions and some famous rides found in each Park’s sections.

Disneyland Park
Main Street 

Lovey-dovies! photo 45bfre2.jpg
Lovey dovies in front of Disney Paris
  • Disneyland Railroad
  • Horse-drawn streetcars
  • Discovery Arcade


  • Alice’s Labyrinth
Well, the sign said it all! photo fd83re2.jpg
Nope, we didn’t get lost!
  • Casey Jr. – le Petit Train du Cirque
  • Dumbo
  • It’s A Small World
  • Le Carrousel de Lancelot
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Another royalties photo 8d6cre2.jpg
    The royalties!
  • Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
Ganda naman talaga ng anak namin!!! photo 20f3scd.jpg
Our Princess enjoying her time at the park
  • Fantasy Festival Stage


  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Critter Coral
  • Legends of the Wild West
  • Before we entered the Phantom Manor photo ebc9scd.jpg
    Our favorite ride, ever! This is the crypt before entering the Phantom Manor.
  • Phantom Manor
  • Pocahontas Indian Village
  • Inside the steam boat photo 3d98scd.jpg
    River boat ride around Thunder Mesa
  • Thunder Mesa River boat Landing

  • Rustler Shooting Gallery
  • The Chaparral Theater
    • Adventureland

    • Adventure Isle
    • Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship
    • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
    • Ron getting ready for the thrilling Indiana Jones Ride. Hindi pwede si Arice so we had to wait outside... photo d339scd.jpg
      Hubby, going alone for the Temple of Peril ride.
      • Enchanted Passage to Aladdin
      • Pirates Beach
      • Pirates of the Caribbean
        • stolen shot from the ride! At least I look good this time!!! photo f53fre2.jpg
          Pirates of the Caribbean ride


          • Alpha and Beta Arcade
          • Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast
          • Captain EO
          • Autopia
          • Nautilus Mysteries
          • Space Mountain: Mission 2
          • Space Mission 2! No way I am riding that!!! We took this pic at 8:15 p.m. Maliwanag pa din dun! photo b947scd.jpg
            Nope, didn’t ride this one because I got duped the first time when we rode it in Hong Kong thinking it was some  space train ride inside. Boy, I was in for a thrilling surprise!
              • Star Tours
              • Videopolis
              • Orbitron
              • Near Orbitron - we didn't ride this one....pang kids lng eh!!! photo 66care2.jpg
                Near Orbitron

                Walt Disney Studios Park

              • Disney Studio 1
              • Animagique
              • Art of Disney Animation
              • Cars Race Rally
              • Flying Carpets over Agrabah
              • Crush’s Coaster
              • RC Racer
              • Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin
              • Tower of Terror
              • Toy Story Playland
              • Armageddon Special Effects
              • Action Stunt Show
              • Toy Soldiers Parachute Jump
              • Rock n’ Roller Coaster
              • Studio Tram tour
              • Playhouse Disney Live on Stage
              • Stitch Live
                • The whole resort is big and has many attractions for both kiddies and adults to enjoy. We didn’t have  time to explore the Walt Disney Studios Park as we had to head to Paris’ city proper for the remaining part of our vacation.

                  There are plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from in the park. Aside from that, there’s a meet and greet session with the Disney characters you love. We managed to scour several pictures with them as we were in the park the whole day until 11:00 p.m. after the fireworks show. The fireworks show was late because it didn’t get dark until around 10:00 p.m.! It was still like dusk around 9:00 p.m. since it was not yet totally autumn that time so the sun set quite late.

                  Buzz Lightyear, calling Star Command!!! photo df2dre2.jpg
                  Buzz, my man!

                Hey Dale...or Chip????? photo e4b5re2.jpg
                Still can’t figure out if it’s Chip or Dale ?!?
                Again, singit lng kami dito.... photo 18ecscd.jpg
                Sneaking! hahaha…
                  The fireworks was spectacular! I could watch it over and over without feeling tired. It was staged in Sleeping Beauty’s castle with lights and music to go with it. We chose a perfect spot near the Main Street’s grassy areas where we could sit and just enjoy the breath-taking show. I have never seen such beautifully coordinated lights, music and fireworks show in my life and the one we saw there was probably the most beautiful fireworks I have ever seen. I have placed a short clip of the firework’s finale here. It’s a teaser to encourage you to save up for that once in a lifetime dream vacation to Paris!
                  Amazing.... photo 96d2scd.jpg
                  Lovely castle at night, getting ready for the big fireworks show.
                  Around 15 minutes ata yung fireworks kasi sabay sa tugtog which ilang set din yun.... photo e35cscd.jpg
                  Marvelous fireworks show. I think it ran for 3-5 minutes until the whole song was over.
                  tiles of people who celebrated special events there photo f25cre2.jpg
                  Celebrants’ tiles in front of the park
                     I forgot how much I paid for in the park since it was almost 7 years ago. The price listed in their site now shows GBP 52.00 for adults and GBP 47.00 for kids from 3 to 11. The rates are for 1-day pass only for 1 Park. The rates include VAT as well. I’m not sure if they increased over the years. If ever, it may not be that much so roughly, I must have paid around those rates in 2006.

                    I highly recommend this place to families out there and even to couples.  I have seen tiles with names of married couples who celebrated their wedding or anniversary in the park set on the front area near the ticket booth. So I am sure that Disneyland is great for all ages. If you wish to visit both parks then 1 days for each park must be allocated because there are so many rides inside and shows to watch that you need 1 whole day for each park.

                    As soon as we arrived Charles De Gaulle Airport, we went to Terminal 2 to catch the VEA Shuttle. It was not hard to miss because it was red and had Disneyland logo all over the bus. It had several stops on the main Disney hotels in the park but it also passed through official Disney resort “other” hotels in the list. Our hotel was Kyriad just few meters away from the Disney Park. The bus shuttle’s rate was around Euro 11 for each of us. This may have increased by now.

                    Going to the Paris’ city proper was also convenient. We just had to take the free hotel shuttle to the main gare or train station. The train station just in front of the Disney Village is the last stop so if you’re coming from the city, you’ll never miss the place.

                    So, what are you waiting for? Plan your magical experience now and visit Disneyland Paris! They have an extended 20th Anniversary until September 2013 and lots of fun and surprises await revelers!

                    (All photos and video are personal property of and copyright to me, the owner. Please do not copy or use without written permission. Thanks.)

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                  1. so cool, hope to see the place, only in my dreams…however dreaming and planning would make things happen..glad to see the happy moments you spent in the place…

                  2. huge grin here! whew, wishing I could someday visit the place too with the hubby and the kiddos…but for now I feel contented with your awesome photos and videos! 🙂 thank you for the awesome virtual tour 🙂

                  3. your smiles and happy faces indeed shows that is the happiest place on Earth 🙂 love so much your night pictures Ria, so sharp and vivid

                  4. Any Disney location is so much fun to visit! I love your daughter's contagious laugh sis, napapasmile ako dito..

                    My kids love to go back to Disney World if given a chance.

                  5. When I saw the pics I was thinking that I can't spend just one day exploring the parks. As much as possible I want to visit every attractions and try all rides. Which is right when I read the end part of your post.

                    Hopefully I can go to a Disney Park Someday.

                  6. WOw naman! I so love the online Disneyland tour, Sis! Thanks for taking me right there. The Pirates of the Carribean ride was cool! And the amazing fireworks! Just beautiful! I played the video and it felt like I was physically present, hahaha! The photos show it all and I knew instantly that you had a marvelous time at Disneyland. I wish I could get to visit the place too, one day… with dreamy, dreamy eyes 🙂

                  7. It really was a fun day for your family. Disneyland Paris, ahh, I'll set first set my eyes on Disneyland, Hong Kong, mas malapit sa Pinas.

                  8. i have dreamt of Paris since I was a kid and now, I have one more reason why – Disneyland! love the short video teaser. who wouldn't be happy in such a place.

                  9. It feels like I've also visited Disneyland Paris by just reading your post and looking at the happy photos above sis.

                    Thank you for sharing and inspiring us through this post. 🙂

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