If you are a seasoned skier who usually sticks to the slopes of Europe, why not look a little further afield this year? North America has a host of fantastic ski resorts and this article explores the top five.
One of several resorts in Colorado, Aspen is one of the most famous ski destinations in the world and its name is synonymous with luxury and glamour. Comprising 478km of pistes, Aspen offers some of the finest skiing in North America, with pretty much guaranteed snow cover for much of the year. Despite its reputation as a hangout of the rich and famous, it is possible to ski in Aspen for no more than the cost of a ski trip to any other North American resort.
If you like to party as much as ski, Aspen is the choice for you, as there is a wealth of hotspots there, including Ajax Tavern and Jerome Hotel’s J-Bar. To eat out in Aspen without breaking the bank, Su Casa and Boogie’s Diner are both good places to head, with the latter being especially popular among families.
Another very well-known resort, Whistler has had several years of excellent skiing. The British Columbia resort has a total of 316km of pistes and is excellent for both beginners and expert skiers, making it the perfect choice for a family skiing holiday.
As well as its skiing, Whistler is known for its cuisine. The resort has some of the best food of any ski destination and popular eateries include Ciao Thyme Bistro and Spitz Grill.
The Californian resort of Mammoth in the Sierra Nevada Mountains offers excellent skiing. European travellers can reach the town by taking a connecting flight from Los Angeles or San Francisco.
Take a break from skiing by enjoying a snack at the Top of the Sierra Cafe, located at an altitude 3,600m and featuring truly spectacular views. Further down in the resort, Gomez’s Mexican offers authentic Mexican food cooked to traditional family recipes.
With 2,504km of pistes, Fernie has something for everyone. Located in British Columbia, the resort is a good choice for skiing families with its excellent snow record and huge range of slopes.
If you are looking for somewhere to stay, Wolf’s Den is a three-star hotel that occupies one of the resort’s original buildings. For the best food in Fernie, take a trip to Lizard Creek Lodge or Yamagoya sushi restaurant.
Breckenridge, Colorado, offers great skiing and has been attracting skiers for over 50 years. A Victorian mining town, the resort is one of the prettiest in North America. Breckenridge is a particularly good destination for beginners and intermediates, although there are enough challenges for even experienced skiers. It is a great destination for parties of mixed ability.
The resort has a great atmosphere at night, with popular restaurants such as Hearthstone Casual Dining, which is housed in a converted brothel. For those on a budget, Fatty’s offers fantastic pizzas at a reasonable price.
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  1. If there's one thing I'd like to experience today is really how to get down snowy mountain in ski… I wonder how it's like… thanks for the awesome idea. 🙂

  2. definitely nice to have a site that checks the airfare prices for us! writing skiing now in my long list of "to do things" before I get too old to move 🙂 I would love to try all those destinations! for now I close my eyes and imagine gliding across a snowy mountain with awesome friends like you….happy weekend sis, enjoy each moment with your family…mwahugs! 🙂

  3. The winter is almost over but my family never went skiing 🙂 as we do not know how to ski 🙂 though the kids ice skating in our pond the most to enjoy the winter 🙂 Those places above are beautiful indeed to enjoy skiing 🙂

  4. When you mentioned that it's an expensive hobby, I stopped dreaming of wanting to try skiing. LOL! I have always wished I could get to try it myself. I've only had a glimpse of skiers in pictures and movies so trying it out for myself is a one of a kind experience.

  5. Cool! I've never been skiing before but I tried country skiing. I would like to take a trip to Aspen though.

  6. oh, i don't think i will ever ski, cross-country, I am okay, but to ski downhill, the adrenaline rush was too much for me I end up halting several times. I love snowshoeing though since it allows me to explore an icy and snowy mountain, only that most hikers, they snowshoe uphill, and then, ski downhill. I simply snowshoe whether it be downhill or uphill 🙂

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