I have not been to any big cruise ship yet. It is an irony because I used to sell cruise packages to my clients as a travel agent before. Cruises were just taking a good break from the cruise industry dominated by only the famous big-liners like the Royal Caribbean, Cunard and Carnival Cruises. Nowadays, more and more shipping companies are opening lines for cruise travel and this time, it is not only meant for the retirees but also young people who want to enjoy the all-inclusive package a cruise liner has to offer.

There are plenty of routes to choose in today’s myriad of cruise travels. One enticing and certainly a captivating route will be the Galapagos. The islands of Galapagos are situated in the Pacific Ocean along the equator and close to Ecuador. If you want to explore the place, you can join the excursion  of the cruise  Galapagos Cruise Ship named Galapagos Explorer II.

The Galapagos Explorer II is a luxury liner that offers only suites which makes the cruise experience more memorable. It boasts of five levels of suites with other amenities such as boutiques, restaurants, hospital, recreation area such as bowling, sun deck and bars for entertainment. The suites have most of the common amenities offered in luxury hotels such as the mini-bar, flat TV, ensuite bathroom with shower and biodegradable toiletries, safety deposit box, spacious closets, satellite communication from your suite, wi-fi, electric outlets for 110/220 voltage, hair dryer, vanity dresser and extra sofa bed for triple accommodation rooms.

Aside from having luxurious accommodation onboard, the Galapagos Explorer II also supports the preservation of the Galapagos Islands; hence, strict rules are outlined when joining the excursion. The cruise includes exploring Galapagos Islands and seeing the inhabitants up-close while maintaining a safe distance so as not to disturb the animals and their habitat.

The rates vary from US$1,550 to 4,500 per person depending on the number of nights and season. However, the rates include the accommodation, excursion to the islands, daily meals (breakfast, buffet, dinner and snacks), and welcome and farewell cocktail. Add ons can be added if you want to include the entrance fee to the Galapagos islands, gratuities and drinks.

Given all the remarkable features of this luxury cruise liner and the adventurous excursion in the most preserved place on earth, this is one cruise that I may consider joining in the future.

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  1. that's awesome but so much expensive, did you have any recommendation for any low cost or budget to travel in Galapagos?

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