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Yes, we’re spending the holidays back home and I am beaming! We’ve been planning this since last year and I had to secure the vacation leave spot before anyone else does so, I am happy because we’ll be spending it with family and friends.

Our bags are packed. The gifts are loaded in the box to ship home. Travel docs are in my water-proof pouch (yes, that’s mandatory! It has to be water-proof). And the rest will just follow.

My timetable is already booked with appointments, luncheon with friends, exercise and mini-shopping. I am calling it mini because I already spent so much for the Christmas gifts here so whatever money left I have is just enough to get us through the holidays.

So, we’re not packing heavy this time. It’s not cold back home. Our clothes are just light stuff with few pairs of jeans and shoes. We also have light sweaters just in case it rains and few of my fave bath foams. We’ll just buy the other things we need back home because they are cheaper there.

Our flight is on 19 December and going back to Dubai on 1 Jan. 2013 then back to work the next day. It’s a longer vacation this time so at least, we’re all not cramming activities. We can find time to rest and relax and enjoy the vacation.

Happy Christmas to all and enjoy the joyous season with your love ones! Be safe and have fun!!! We will! 🙂

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  1. You have a safe flight, Sis. I bet it's gonna be a fun-filled holiday. I can't wait to read all your blogposts when you come back in 2013.

    See you by then!

    Take care and God bless!

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