Who would have thought that this vacation will turn out scary and worrisome. I’ve checked the weather system few days before we arrived here in NYC last Thursday. We’re a bit surprised how Hurricane Sandy turned it direction towards East Coast. We’re expecting landfall anytime soon and we’re really praying it will not be devastating as what’s reported in the news.

We were scheduled to leave on 30 October but decided to cut it short. However, just when we decided to leave a day early, the airline cancelled the flights until 30 October. Now, we’re stranded here but thankful that we’re staying in my cousin’s house in Brooklyn. So far, the wind is gusty and really cold and also praying that the electricity will not be interrupted as this is our lifeline to communicate and get feeds from the storm and travel advisory.

I am hoping and praying this hurricane will come to pass really soon. We all just want to go home now.

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  1. Hi! Ria

    was surfing online and I found your blog. I think I was once in your other blog a while back.

    I'm sorry about your vacay, now somewhat 'ruined' by Sandy. I'm also based here in NY and we're praying for the best. We live within Zone A as we are very near the ocean and it looks and sounds scary here already.

    anyway, you take care and God bless. be safe while you are with your relatives wherever you are in Brooklyn.


  2. Thanks for your comment Juliana. I'm happy to say that my family and my cousins back in NYC are all ok. We're back in home base now after getting stranded in NYC. I hope you and your family are okay too. We saw the pictures of nearby areas in the waterfront and we didn't like what we saw. I do pray you're all ok and safe.

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