I love sakura! It is such a beautiful and dainty flower. It is famously known in English as cherry blossom. It is a flower of several trees from the genus Prunus, more akin to Japanese Cherry. The cherry blossoms are widely seen in Japan during mid-March to late April where the trees are in full bloom. Varieties of the beautiful cherry blossom tree from Japan can also be seen in other countries during Spring time. Enjoy the pictures below of various cherry blossom trees found all over the world and marvel at their beauty. It will be nice if you can actually catch any of the Cherry Blossom festivals happening in many parts of the world.

Many places in Japan
Photo credit: japan-guide.com

South Korea
Photo credit: ourmaninkorea.wordpress.com

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Photo credit: iamsterdam.com

Various places in the USA
Washington D.C.
Photo credit: guardian.com.uk/Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Brooklyn Botanical Garden, New York
Photo credit: thedailygreen.com
Central Park, New York
Photo credit: centralpark.com