My family’s passports are always in their holders. I had the misfortune of finding my passport soaking wet one day and it ruined some of the visas I already have. I had to change my passport and cancel my trips because of that. And to this day, I still don’t know who “accidentally” spilled “tea” in my bag. That remains a mystery which caused my vacation!

So I learned a lesson the painful way. My and my family’s passports are well covered now and protected. Whenever we travel, I make sure that our passports are in their holders and I put all of them inside a zip-lock transparent bag. Yes! I can be very paranoid and going through passport renewal in our consulate here in Dubai is such a nightmare so I am not taking chances.
We’re not traveling to Tokyo this year. Maybe next year when my leave dates are settled. But that didn’t stop me from buying new holders for my daughter’s and my passport. They’re my favorite Kimmi dolls and they look like geishas. Aren’t they cute?

I have 2 other holders that I can use as replacement depending on my mood. For now, I am secured because our passports are covered properly and they are traveling in style!

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  1. Your article reminds me to cover and protect my passport. I need to put my passport too in a safe holder or maybe make some copies first. It's a lot of hassle to get a replacement.

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