My Tokyo trip is not going great at the moment. It’s not looking too rosy at all. I posted earlier regarding my change in career so that means, I will be new to a department whose old staff have already planned their leave dates. I’m lucky if no one is taking their vacation leave on April. My other concern now is if my new boss will approve my leave.

Time is running out as far as planning is concerned. I have not booked any hotels because I am not sure if I will get approval on my leave. We have not applied for the visa nor secured our requirements. In short, everything has hung on the balance because of one move I have made.

I thought about the consequence of this career move and I knew it will have an impact on my 40th birthday trip. True enough, I cannot confirm anything as of this time. I told my husband if we can still apply for our April leave dates and just see how it goes. We can always travel to Seattle instead since we have the US visa. It’s just that, personally, I want the Tokyo trip for my 40th birthday. It may sound shallow for most people but this is something I have worked hard for and dreamed of since I was 5! It’s not bad to channel that childhood dream to reality when I have the means. Unfortunately at this time, I cannot say if it will happen.

I’ll wait until end of the month of February when I move to my new department. If my boss says yes I can go and take my leave, I will plan everything at once. I just hope I do get the nod or else, my 40th birthday gift may become belated 40th and advance 41st birthday gift instead. Let’s see.