I am actually disappointed and I have no one to blame. It is now a definite – there’s no Tokyo trip happening this April because:

1. I got a new post in a different department and my leave will have to be pushed.
2. My daughter’s passport is expiring soon and given the very disorganized and unsystematic procedures in renewing passports in the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai, I will not be able to get her passport in time. Her schedule is on 19 March 2012 and it takes 6 or more weeks for the passport renewal to be processed. Why, beats me and I am no longer interested. Lousy system! Lousy government policies! Humbag!
3. My husband’s leave is on hold due to the lack of manpower in his department. So, even if my new department approves my leave, I still have problems 2 and 3 to deal with which is almost impossible to resolve.

So there goes my 40th birthday trip this April. I planned and thought about this since last year only to find out closer to the date that it will not even materialize.

I’m not the only one disappointed. My daughter is disheartened but I told her that everything happens for a reason. Maybe it’s not the right time to go there yet because of the numerous financial obligations I have to face here. Anyway, I’ll plan again next year and I hope everything falls into place by then.