I know it’s few days late but it’s still great to greet everyone a belated New Year’s wishes. 2012 will be a great year for all, I prayed for that 🙂 Hopefully, it will be fruitful to everyone in terms of finances, personal improvement, social progress and spiritual growth. I wish only the best for everyone this 2012!
Well, my travel plan to go to Tokyo, Japan is on hold for the time being. I know I’m already pressed for time but something good came up that I cannot pass. I have a new job in the same company but different department. That said, my leaves have been cancelled by the current department and I will have to adjust to the new department now. Although I have told the “new” boss about my plan to use few days of my vacation leave allotment on April, I will still have to check whether the people in the new department have no leave planned for April. Otherwise, I’ll have to kiss Tokyo, Japan good-bye for 2012. I may just go there next year. I hope that’s not the case as I have psyched myself already. I can delay but what for? I am aiming to see the cherry blossoms this April. If I don’t go there at that month then it won’t be as special as I wanted it to be – see the Cherry Blossom festival!
Oh well. I know there are still other time. But I don’t wish to miss the magic of my 40th birthday gift to myself by missing this much anticipated sojourn. We’re all excited and I hope it comes to reality.

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