Oh, I am very out of my comfort zone right now! I normally have things sorted out few months in advance before the travel date but I still have not finalized the hotel booking. The hotel we wanted in Shinjuku in Tokyo is full and I am kind of hoping that a cancellation happens so there will be an opening. I told my husband that come January 2012, if there are still not cancellation, we may just have to settle for another hotel in the area or at least in Ginza.
April is a high season. It’s Spring time and a lot of students will be off from school. Aside from that, the weather is pleasant and the Cherry Blossoms will be in bloom; hence, the festivities and the high occupancy rate.
I will surely have to finalize this at one point and we can’t change locations now. We are all excited to go to Tokyo especially my daughter who is already listing stuff to buy. Anyway, I’ll have my answers in few weeks time. Just few more research of good properties and affordable ones too and I’ll be set.