After changing my mind and having a 180-degree turn from Europe to the Far East, I still have not finalized any plan for our Japan trip yet. I think the only definite is the dates of travel. Aside from that, I still have not narrowed the search for a good and affordable accommodation in Tokyo, preferably in the Urayasu area or somewhere near Disneyland.

The costs of rooms are really exorbitant and some of them are even small for 3 occupants. I am getting a bit nervous too with the availability because April is their Cherry Blossom festival (sort of, I think…) and that’s when the trees are in full bloom and the weather is great! I checked some 3-star properties already and they are fully booked. Oh no!

Given all that scenario, I should have a definite plan, place and exactly what to do there by now. I need to book my hotel at least before December to ensure that I get rooms or else, we’ll be sleeping in those small hostels with 30 other people.

Why is organizing a trip so nerve-wracking?!?