Traveling for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience. Even the planning stage before the actual trip is something to be jittery about. However, planning a travel and going away for the first time can be achieved with less hassle if we follow this tips:


  • Do your assignment and research about the place you are visiting.
  • Get some maps in advance and try to familiarize on the known landmarks to visit.
  • Make an itinerary. And if you can afford to shell out extra money, join a group tour instead to save you time from figuring out where you will actually go.
  • Pack lightly.
  • Organize your travel documents and secure travel insurance.
  • Put your travel documents in one pouch and place them in your hand carry bag.
  • Change currency if you can for taxi fare when you arrive in your destination if you don’t have any airport shuttle arrangement.
  • Have a good rest and be hydrated.

On the day of the flight

  • Wake up early and feel fresh by taking a warm bath.
  • Dress accordingly depends on the weather condition of your destination. 
  • Another final check on your travel documents.
  • Go to the airport early. Normal check in time is at least 3 hours before the flight. I, on the other hand, always put traffic, weather and other unforeseen circumstances in the equation so I arrive at least 5 hours before the flight.
  • If your airline has an online check-in facility then avail of that. So all you have to do is drop your luggage in the baggage drop zone. If none, then check in when the counter opens and proceed to the immigration area.
  • If you have a lot of time left before the boarding and final call, make a bee hive in the duty free area for your last minute purchase like books, personal necessities or goody treats.
  • Wait for your boarding call in the gate area.

Then, after all the formalities, you are set to go! Happy trip and take a lot of pictures!

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