I am not a big fan of the beach area. Large body of water scares the hibbie jibbies out of me. However, it is nice to share the beautiful islands worth visiting as mentioned in Yahoo Travel’s list of World’s Best Islands written by Jennifer Miranda. The list is taken from the result of the 16th annual World’s Best survey. And here are the top notchers:

No. 1 Santorini, Greece

This island haven took the number one slot because everything is just brighter: from the white-washed cube houses set on cliffs above the Aegean Sea, the bluest of blue sea, and the wonderful sunsets that light up the caldera.

Bali, Indonesia
No. 2 Bali, Indonesia

Bali is well-known around the world as the island paradise. And true to its name, Bali is still untouched by industrialization but at the same time, it is teeming with beautiful and luxurious beach resorts around its coastal areas.

Bali has been ranked the number 1 island every year since 1998 but was beaten by Santorini this year. So why go to Bali? This lush tropical island, located in South East Asia lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, is very rich in culture, arts, architecture and traditional medicine.

Cape Breton, Canada
No. 3 Cape Breton, Canada

I have not heard of Cape Breton yet but a quick look in the internet gave me a better understanding why this beautiful island is always on the top list.

The island has beaches backed by cliffs, has forested headlands and beaming with plenty of lighthouses. The local culture is a hodgepodge of Scottish, Acadian, Irish, African and native Mi’kmaq influences.

Boracay, Philippines
No. 4 Boracay, Philippines

This small islands in the Visayan area of the Philippines is surrounded by white sandy beaches and plenty of luxurious hotel properties like the Shangri-la. Boracay is the included in the list for the first time and is becoming famous world-wide.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
No. 5 Great Barrier Reef, Australia

World-famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia is always in the top list. The reef is teeming with sea life such as baleen whales, leatherback turtles, gian clams and 400-odd species. The island is surrounded by cerulean water and corals. Around the shores are different kinds of hotels and island resorts.

Sicily, Italy
No. 6 Sicily, Italy

An island with 300 days of sun per year is a magnificent vista of coastal houses, resorts and hotels with a back-drop of cliffs. Sicily is becoming famous and one of Italy’s favorite destinations.

Sicily boasts of its culinary scene, rich history and beautiful ocean-front scenery.

Big Island, Hawaii
No. 7 Big Island, Hawaii

This island in Hawaii is rich in lava rock and hot magma especially when Kilauea erupts, making it one of the hottest islands to go to (no pun intended!).

Big Island is a tropical island with mostly rural lifestyle like farmers’ markets and cowboy culture. The island is surrounded by black/greenish/white sand beaches.

Kauai, Hawaii
No. 8 Kauai, Hawaii

Another beautiful island in Hawaii has made it into the top list of Best Islands. Kauai has lush vegetation with beautiful waterfalls spill from jagged cliffs and deep green valleys.

Maui, Hawaii
No. 9 Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is a country with beautiful islands located in the Pacific. It is not a surprise to see another beautiful island of Hawaii included in the list. Maui is a well-known tourist destination especially by the rich and famous. Maui boasts of luxurious resorts and spas and ocean-front hotel properties frequented by the Hollywood A-listers.

Galápagos, Ecuador
No. 10 Galápagos, Ecuador

The wild islands of the Galapagos continue to entice travelers from across the globe. Galapagos is in Ecuador and is famous for its gigantic iguanas, tame sea lions, blue-footed boobies and huge Galapagos turtles.

Take a cruise and explore this exotic island for few days. Relax in the beach area of San Cristobal, Puerto Ayora, Bartolome and Espanola.