I once posted an article in my It’s My Party blog about taking advantage of the weak dollar. That was more than 3 years ago, even before the onset of the great recession we are all experiencing now. Although some countries’ economy picked up a notch, the US and Europe are still in a downhill with their battle to save their currency’s value.

For those who have saved enough for the rainy season, you may wonder why I am telling you that this is the right time to use part of your saving. Most countries who are trying to encourage money flow inward will do everything to attract people. And one of the leading industry to mobilize this plan is the travel industry.

Plenty of tour agents and airlines will cut down their fees to accommodate the stingiest of travelers to bring in the money. There are fierce competition on vacation tour packages and airline fares so, whoever has the cheapest price will get most of the customers.

I am not telling you to squander all the savings you have but do consider taking that old dream of seeing other countries aside from yours. Pick a country where you don’t require visa if you want to save money because applying for a visa is another major process you have to consider when making a budget for an international trip.

Scour the internet for great deals of budget accommodation. You may even treat yourself  to a fancy accommodation because some 5-stars hotels are offering value for your money if you stay more nights. They will even throw one night or several nights for free!

Try to go on a group tour. This incentive always get the nice and affordable fares from airlines to hotels to land tour arrangements. So, ask your family or friends to join you in this expedition to explore the world.

If you have relatives in other countries, now is the time to reconnect! Ask if you can bunk in their place for few days. That will save you a chunk of money on accommodation. The money you can save can be used for land tours, cruises and other tour-add ons.

If you don’t have that much money to spare for travel but would still like to take advantage of the low fares and price-cuts in accommodations, then go to South East Asia where everything is affordable, from hotels to airfare to land tours to cruises to food and shopping.

Well, I am not trying to convince you to withdraw your money just yet. Do consider this time to fulfill your much awaited dream. You don’t have to spend a fortune. You can even go to the US and Europe in a budget as long as you check the airfare, hotels and tours and add them all up.

I hope you travel this season and make the most of the weak currencies around the world.

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  1. oh really! This info sounds great! Keep on posting sis. Recession after all makes sense for budget travelers.

    warm regards,

  2. Oh, really! This info just sounds great and valuable of course! Keep on posting for more.
    Recession also makes sense for budget travelers indeed. =)

    warm hugs,

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